Web/Interactive work

I've been lucky enough to be exposed to a fair amount of web and interactive design. I enjoy the challenge of designing experiences, of having to predict how people act, and having to work within a set of limitations. Unfortunately, my lack of math/science/technical side means that a few of the projects shown below never became fully realized. But I'm very proud of the designs.

Clegg Lacrosse - HTML site showing off the accomplishments of the 3 Clegg siblings. View it here.

Why Reform? - interactive (flash) site explaining the reasons we should reform health care (which, happily, ended up happening.)

Cheese - informational site explaining all about cheese (also flash)

Design for the interface of a touch-screen, in-home console that controls electrical systems.

Design for a widget for Syracuse.com, a local news website.

And of course, my website (which you should totally show to everyone you know and their families. Help me out, I could use a job).

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