The Joey

The Joey Diabetes Care Kit is a fully-stocked kit designed to provide newly diagnosed Type One diabetics with everything they need to master their disease in the first few days of their diagnosis.

Because Type One diabetes is experienced mainly by children and teenagers, this kit is also intended to be useful to their parents, teachers, or other caretakers.

What you see below is just a prototype. My hope is to someday turn this into an actual product that can help other Type One diabetics and make their lives easier.

The Joey- Inside view
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The case has a zipper going around three sides. Once open, the inside contains several pockets. Each pocket is for a specific diabetes supply and has been produced to fit that supply exactly. The inside is made of a durable fabric that resists needle tears, can be wiped down, and is in a dark color to disguise any testing pricks gone wrong.

Inside- Left side

Inside- Right Side
The pockets hold: an apple juice box, a granola bar, a small bag of peanuts, testing strips, testing meter, lancet device, alcohol wipes, ketone strips, glucagon shot, and an insulin vial. In addition to that, there is a zippered case for lancets, a velcro pouch for syringes, and a removable zippered pouch for disposables (removable so you can just hold it over wherever container you use to dispose of needles so you don't have to touch them and get pricked).

Inside- Close Up
Supplies are divided into 5 categories (highs, lows, treatment, testing, emergency) and each pocket contains a color-coded label on it to show what category that supply belongs to. These labels will correspond to the instructional poster that goes with the case.

Inside- Alternative Use
Several of the pockets are multi-use (the pocket for needles can hold syringes, pen tips, omnipods, etc; the pocket for insulin can hold vials or pens; the pocket for the meter can also hold a pump) so the case can continue to be used into the future when the diabetic's treatment regime changes.

Removable Disposables Pouch

Front View
The Joey is a fabric case that 9inches by 11inches when zipped closed. It has a velcro pocket on the front to hold papers (which I've included pictures of below). The outside fabric is a fun pattern that appeals to kids and adults alike, in a durable fabric usually meant for outside furniture so it will hold up against wear and tear.

Back View
On the back, 4 small rings are sewn on so one can attach handles or straps for the case to become a backpack that the child to take to school, sleepovers, etc or the family can take on outings, trips, etc.

Size (for reference)

Instructional Poster
Included with the Joey is a fold-up guide to all the contents in the kit. All items are pointed out and briefly explained. This can be especially useful for people unfamiliar with diabetes, such as babysitters or neighbors. Once folded, this poster fits perfectly in the front pocket of the Joey.

High-Low Care Card
Because of the urgency in treating high and low blood sugar, a separate double-sided card is also included that explains each of these conditions and tells how to treat them. The bottom of the "high" side includes space to write down doctor information. This card also fits in the front pocket of the Joey.

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