I like illustration, especially the digital kind. I like it so much, I decided to make it my minor.

"The seven deadly sins- Pride"

Band poster concept- a horse emerging from the wallpaper.

Motion and light.


What if we could harvest organs in science labs? They might just become the next delicacy. Cannibalism without the whole moral repercussions thing.

Band poster concept- RC toy cars.

Collage- Part 2

Collage book about my life.
Cover- Ellen and our inside jokes (which occur throughout the book)
1- Introduction, 2-Me, aspects of who I am, 3- My Diabetes
4- My Work life, 5- My Safety, 6- My Travels
7- My Perspective of Fun, 8- My Past, 9-My Present
10-My Future, 11- And my Frame of mind, 12- Conclusion.

Collage- Part 1

Collaging is amazing. To take pieces of preexisting things and manipulate them in a way so you create something new, something that says what you want to say. There's a problem-solving aspect of it that makes a finished piece really satisfying.

"Little Girl Lost"

A Sewing themed piece. The pig is hand sewn by me. The background consists of my mother's old sewing patterns, which I loved using.

My commentary on a social issue- the promotion of abstinence in this day and age. Old fashioned imagery complete with a wall of rings, placed in a box of Godiva chocolate.

"Rabble rabble."

"Wisdom". My old typography 1 assignments came in handy, and I love playing with ink.

Keep it together, even when it gets weird.

"Birds of a feather". Digital interpretation of Joesph Cornell's work.

And two digital wallpapers.


Designs in 3D

It's always an awesome experience to be able to take a design and transform it into something tactile.

Tree design done as a commission for a friend. It was then brought by him
to a shop that did the engraving.

Simple skull design = awesome foot tattoo.
(it's my foot.)

Packaging design for a fictional brand of seeds.

Hand-sewen plush dolls.

Laundry room mural- a throwback to Andy Warhol's 'Brillo Soap Pad Box'. This is basically what I spent my freshman year spring break doing. It my reward for helping my mom strip all the wallpaper in this room.



Some drawn pieces I've done in the past.


Older Work

Once upon a time, I was an AP Studio in Art Student.

My 'concentration' was on unusual perspectives of things that go in pairs, done mostly in colored pencil.

I was so badass with a colored pencil.

I don't do nearly as much drawing now- which I regret- but I'm still proud of my work from senior year.